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The Official Visit: Bowl Talk Part One

Join us as we talk bowls, service academies, Jeff Brohm, Lane Kiffin, and more!



David Dennis/Icon Sportswire

With college football recruiting in a dead period, we spend some time this week talking about some on the field action, though of course we do it in our own nerdy way. Mainly, we look at the bowl games so far, and rave about our favorite coaches (we’re calling our love for Jeff Brohm the Brohmance, thanks), schemes, players, and the fact that Army won ten games and threw 20 passes all season. We also take some time to look at the problem in college football with coaches leaving after players have signed, and how something like that could be avoided.

I’m (Patrick) a little sick this week, so I apologize for my voice, I should be all better next week, as we take a look at the New Year’s day bowls, as well as the playoff semi-final results, and preview the championship game.

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