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The Official Visit: Michigan State, Transfers, The XFL, And More

We’re back, and we have a ton to talk about, in this loaded episode of the OV!



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Hey friends! We’re back, after another busy week, but we should be back on our regular Wednesday schedule now, and going forward, but I apologize for the wait. This is a pretty packed episode, as we start off talking about the proposed NCAA transfer rule changes, some of which we like, and some of which we don’t. We also talk about the general lack of respect for the labor that players do, and the odd dynamic between how players that sit out bowl games and coaches that take new jobs before the bowl game are perceived.

We also spend some time doubting the XFL, and ranting about how football really isn’t the kind of sport that can be used as a reality show. A good chunk of the show is spent on the recent Outside The Lines report on Michigan State, and our discussion spawns this quote:

[When] it (sexual assault) just keeps happening [at a program], that’s more than just lack of institutional control. That’s an institution that knows what they’re doing. That’s an institution that knows exactly what they’re in control of. At a point, it’s not as much lack of institutional control as it is just, an institution allowing players do this, and coaches enabling players to do this”

It was a really good discussion, and one that I really think is worth listening to. It starts around the 41 minute mark, and if nothing else, I’d highly suggest giving it a listen, because Jay and I feel very strongly about this, and it shows quite a bit here.

We wrap with a discussion about last week’s game of the week: Nebraska vs. Tennessee, 1998. We rave about Tom Osborne, Nebraska’s offense, and Scott Frost, and it’s a good time. If you want to get involved in our classic game book club, this week’s game is Miami vs. Notre Dame, 1988, and it can be watched here.

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