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Conference Realignment

The Official Visit: Realignment And Tennessee Jokes

The OV returns with that sweet, sweet Brady Hoke content.



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The OV is back after a little break, and this week Chris Ross joins the show to talk to Patrick as Jay is out this week. We kick it off with some talk about the infamous Tennessee FOIA results, that led to some of the funniest college football related content I’ve ever seen. Through chuckles and giggles, we detail the urge for Lane Kiffin, the adding of poor John Currie to numerous group chats, and BRADY HOKE’S INSATIABLE URGE TO BE TENNESSEE’S FOOTBALL COACH! We also talk about Mike Leach a little bit, and his impossible lifestyle.

After that, we move into the meat of the show, and the primary reason we had Chris on: to talk about his least favorite topic on earth, realignment. We take a look at what exactly went wrong during the Big 12 realignment crisis that nearly led to the additions of BYU and Houston but led to nothing, and discuss why Houston is fighting an uphill battle to get it. We also spend a good chunk of time on the Pac-12, the problems it’s currently facing, and how that could benefit the Big 12. We get off track a bit to dunk on Texas A&M and Jimbo Fisher, but it’s a generally informative segment, and worth a listen.

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