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LGG Week 7 Big 12 Power Rankings

The Big 12 picture continues to come together, he’s how we power rank the conference.



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Editor’s Note: I apologize for no power rankings last week. Without getting into it too much, after a couple of emergency room visits, it appears that my gallbladder is about sick and tired of me, and wants to go. At this point, I’m happy to appease its wishes as soon as possible, so hopefully that happens in the next few weeks. Thank you for reading, and the team and I are working hard to get back to a regular schedule and have some exciting content ideas upcoming. -Chris

It was another week of chaos in the Big 12, which means another shake up in the power rankings.

The Mountaineers didn’t win pretty, but they won, and that’s more than the Sooners can say. So, as the Big 12’s lone undefeated team, West Virginia takes over the top spot in the power rankings.

West Virginia has been impressive so far. They rank fourth in the conference in scoring and second in total offense, while also ranking first in points allowed and second in total defense. They are getting it done on both sides of the ball.

And of course, Texas also continues their march up the rankings with their big win over Oklahoma. Don’t look now, but the Longhorns are 5-1 with wins over USC, TCU and Oklahoma; all ranked opponents. Texas might be back, ya’ll.

The biggest loser this week may be Oklahoma State, they fell just one spot in their loss to Iowa State, but worse than that, they didn’t look anything close to a top-half team. I chalked up the Poke’s Texas Tech loss as one team just wanting it more, and the other making silly mistakes. Now, after the Cowboys have dropped their second home game, I think this is just who Oklahoma State is. They are a team with potential, but are neutered by a questionable quarterback play, an offensive line that can’t block a phone call, and a defense that looks like they are still adjusting to Jim Knowles scheme.

TCU and Texas Tech flip this week, because they would have flipped last week (See editor’s note). It’s a tough call right now on who is four and who is five, but they get to duke it out this week, so we’ll have a definitive answer in next week’s rankings.

Baylor, Kansas and K-State are the only non-movers this week as the Bears helped solidify their place with a win over the Wildcats, and the Jayhawks, well, at least they’ve shown more potential than their in-state rival? You let us know, how do you rank the conference?

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