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2018 Season

The Good, Bad and Ugly from Week Eight

With only two games last week, there’s not a lot of good, bad and ugly to go around, but we still managed to find some. #Big12FB



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The Eighth week of the College Football season came and went with only two Big 12 games on the schedule. The Sooners started off slow against the Horned Frogs, but Oklahoma pulled away down the stretch en route to a 25 point victory. Texas Tech also took care of business at home against the struggling Kansas Jayhawks. It was a very boring week of football, two blowout games made this the best week to have one of those stupid fall weddings.

This is not the case however for week nine. The Mountaineers host Baylor on a Thursday Night showdown before a Saturday featuring four games. Before we watch all this Big 12 football, though, let’s take a look bad at the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from week eight.

The Good

The Texas Tech Defense Continues To Play Well – Kansas put a measly 16 points on the board a week after TCU was only able to score 14 points against the Red Raiders. The Jayhawks were 4 of 15 on third down and were unable to get anything going with the passing game. The Red Raiders are heating up and the play of the defense has been the reason why.

Texas Tech is now 5-2 and has three winnable games and two showdowns with Oklahoma and Texas. TTU is in prime position to finish this season with eight wins, something they haven’t accomplished since 2013. They seem to be in an unfamiliar position where they don’t need to score 50 or more points to win a game.

Alan Bowman – The freshman quarterback returned to the football field and started right where he left off. The freshman was on pace to have one of the best seasons ever by a freshman before his lung collapsed against West Virginia. Bowman saw his first in game snaps since that injury and attempted 48 passes. He completed 36 of them for 406 yards and 3 touchdowns. Bowman was in control and led the Red Raider offense to 48 points. His main target Antoine Wesley had 155 yards and a score and had his best performance since the Houston game. The Red Raider offense is starting to hit their stride and this team could be a player as the season goes on.

The Sooners Rebound – Oklahoma did exactly what they needed to do against TCU. With one loss the Sooners need to start building their resume and a 25 point road win is perfect for that. TCU is really struggling but it’s a tough place to play and winning by 25 is nothing to overlook. Kyler Murray played well again and despite only throwing five incompletions it was the running game that stole the show. Kennedy Brooks and Trey Sermon combined for 278 yards and three touchdowns. The Sooners averaged 6.9 yards per carry and ran the ball right down TCU’s throat.

Oklahoma has playoff hopes, they’re slim but they still have a shot. The Sooners can’t afford a slip up and need to continue to beat teams like TCU by 20-plus. Leave the committee with no doubt.

The Bad

Just Two Big 12 Games – This week was weird, there really wasn’t any bad. Plenty of good and plenty of ugly but nothing in the middle, so the real bad of the week was that there was just two games. The next week of conference play is unpredictable but there will for sure be plenty of Bad, stay tuned.

The Ugly

David Beaty’s Hot Seat – Beaty’s hopes of being the Jayhawks head football coach in 2019 are very slim after Kansas’s 0-4 start to Big 12 play. This year looked different for KU, they were 2-1 in non conference play and looked like a somewhat decent team before a complete return to mediocrity this Big 12 season. Kansas is now 2-5 and has lost every conference game by at least two possessions.

Beaty is now 5-38 as a coach and it can’t get much worse, so why let it continue? If Kansas athletic department is telling the truth about trying to improve their football status then it all starts with firing Beaty, something needs to change.

What Happened to TCU? – TCU has completely fallen off the map this year. Because the Horned Frogs hung in there despite a loss to Ohio State in September fans were optimistic about the team this year. Since that game, TCU is 1-4 with a lone win against Iowa State. The offense has been a mess and this week it was found out that quarterback Shawn Robinson and wide receiver KaVontae Turpin will miss the rest of the year.

It seems very real that the Horned Frogs don’t get a bowl game this year. They still have to face West Virginia on the road and only have three wins with five games remaining. This season has been nothing we’ve expected from TCU and they’re running out of time to fix things.

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