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2018 Season

Making Our Week 9 Big 12 Picks!

There are a couple of games to look forward to today, and we’re making out picks!



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It’s game day, which means it’s time to make our picks! There’s four games today, starting with a good one in Ames and ending with a primtime matchup in Stillwater.

Before we get into this week’s picks, let’s look over the standings. There were only two games last week, and everyone went 2-0 as both games went about as expected.

Josh continues to hold onto his narrow lead, while Phillip, Matt and Robert continue to have an impressive win percentage.


1. Josh Cowan [21-6]
2. Twitter [21-13]
3. Chris Ross [20-14]
4. Facebook [19-15]
5. Franklin Markel [17-9]
6. Taylor Midkiff [17-12]
T-7. Phillip Slavin [10-3]
T-7. Matt Myers [10-3]
9. Patrick Mayhorn [10-5]
10. Robert Spradley [6-1]
11. JR Sigley [3-3]

Texas Tech and Iowa State kick off at 11:00 AM CT, and most of us are on the home team. And for me, that was the difference maker. Since the game is in Ames, I had to go with the Cyclones. Unfortunately, the afternoon games aren’t very intriguing, but the night one should be a good one. Well…that is if it’s as close as the oddsmakers are calling it. Unfortunately, I don’t see it, and like Texas to run away with it. Here are our picks.

Texas Tech at Iowa State

TCU at Kansas

Kansas State at Oklahoma

Texas at Oklahoma State

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