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There’s A New Swagger In Austin, Now It’s Time To Prove Texas Is Back

The hype is growing in Austin.



PJ Locke III of the Texas Longhorns celebrates with teammates - Getty images - Sean Gardner
Getty images - Sean Gardner

“Come and Take It.” It’s a phrase that dates back to Texas independence that stirs and rallies the hearts of Texans everywhere. It’s the message, montra, maybe even the swan song of a young, ferocious Texas Longhorn team.

A chip the size of Texas rests on the shoulders of a young, highly talented and famished Longhorn team. You see it in their spring training, in the warmups and walkthroughs. It’s a hunger we haven’t seen since the days of Vince Young and Colt McCoy. The hunger for greatness, perfection, immortality even. 

Given a trip to the Big 12 Championship game last season, they’re obviously doing something right behind the mind and direction of Coach Tom Herman, and the hype is real for 2019. CBS dropped their list of 16 contenders for the College Football Playoff, which included the Texas Longhorns among the names we’ve become familiar with being there.

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The Longhorns will get a shot at two of the 16 teams in their regular season schedule, as well. They take on LSU and of course, the always anticipated blood bath at the Cotton Bowl against the Sooners. 

The schedule isn’t going to be easy, but as Ehlinger said at the trophy ceremony at the end of the Sugar Bowl win versus a dominant Georgia team, “We’re baaaaack!”.

Indeed the Longhorns seem to be “back”, but what exactly does that mean for the Longhorns and college football in general? There are a lot of good things for the sport, one of the best things for college football is historic, storied schools being Top 25 teams and legitimate contenders. College football needs the Longhorns great again, as badly as they need Nebraska, Notre Dame, Miami, even Florida to be great.

Watching these historic dynasties go from the mountain top to mediocrity is more than cringe-worthy. Sure, a new underdog is great, but if that means these other powerhouses are subpar it takes away from the season altogether.

All they can do in Austin though, is take of care of their business. They lose a lot of proven talent, but with loads of highly-touted guys ready to prove themselves, 2019 could be a special season for the Burnt Orange.

Dark horse Heisman candidate Sam Ehlinger and returning wideout Collin Johnson, along with a high-powered Texas offense, must set the tone each week. With a young, but extremely talented defense that is still largely an unknown, the case for the Longhorns to be true a contender lies on the shoulders of their offense.

Can they put up enough points to keep the defense out of hot water, clutch scenarios? Will they be able to control the clock to keep their young defense with fresh legs and more time to make necessary adjustments?

What does the 2019 season hold for Texas? You never can tell, but the foreshadowing hints to one helluva rodeo for Herman and the Horns. Dig your spurs in Burnt Orange Nation and get ready for one exciting ride.

The Longhorns are back and hopefully here to stay. We’ve seen the process. Now it’s time to see the results.

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