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How The Kansas Jayhawks Will Win The Big 12

Well technically, it is possible…



Safety Mike Lee of the Kansas Jayhawks in action - Getty Images - Ed Zurga
Getty Images - Ed Zurga

The most difficult part about writing this article was deciding whether to be serious or satirical.  Sure, the Kansas Jayhawks CAN win the Big 12, in the same way that I COULD win the lottery or Coach K COULD get caught up in a college basketball scandal, but none of those are likely to happen anytime soon.

So instead of making some grand proclamations or cracking jokes, I’m going to just take the premise for granted: The Kansas Jayhawks Will Win The Big 12 in 2019.

Now that I’ve done the hard part, let’s take a look around the conference in this post-apocalyptic world. And yes, that is the correct description, because chaos would reign supreme if this actually does happen this year.

It’s just not realistic in any universe to think that KU can go undefeated this year, so I just have to assume that the conference eats each other alive. And boy, do they devour each other.

Some quick highlights:

Oklahoma falls apart, as Jalen Hurts doesn’t get the benefit of playing behind a cohesive offensive line, and the defense isn’t able to make any significant improvement from last year.  The loss to the Jayhawks is a bit surprising at first, as it is their only loss going into the final 4 weeks, but they drop back to back games against Iowa State and Baylor and lose at Bedlam to finish in a shocking 6th in the conference.

Iowa State drops their first 3 road games, causing many to wonder what went wrong.  They rebound in the back half, winning everything except the home game against Texas to finish 4th.

Texas wins the conference opener against OSU before dropping games at West Virginia and against Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry.  From there, they win out, including a meaningless final game against Texas Tech where Sam Ehlinger puts on a show against an overmatched Texas Tech defense as he tries to solidify a spot among the Heisman Finalists.

Baylor drops games against Oklahoma State and Texas before losing out on a spot in the Big 12 championship in the finale at Kansas. 

Kansas is the surprise of the season, as Les Miles earns National Coach of the Year by leading the Jayhawks to the Big 12 Title in his first year.  Pooka Williams runs his way to being Heisman Finalist, Mike Lee and Bryce Torneden are unanimous 1st Team All-Big 12, and the Jayhawks avenge their first loss of the season against the Longhorns in the Big 12 Championship game, torpedoing the Big 12’s chance at getting into the playoff.

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