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2019 Season

LGG Week 2 Big 12 Power Rankings

Week one has shaken up the power rankings, so we are shaking up how we rank them!



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Week one is in the books, and it has shaken up our power rankings from our preseason poll. The Big 12’s blue bloods looked as good as advertised. Oklahoma State, Baylor and Kansas State looked better than expected. Iowa State and TCU nearly forgot there was football this last weekend, and a couple of teams looked as bad as we feared.

Before we get to the rankings, we’re changing it up a bit. Through the rest of the season, the power rankings will be a composite of four ballots with the voters being Josh Cowan, Phillip Slavin, Andy Mitts and myself.

Also, instead of showing a 1-10 ranking, we will show each team’s average week instead. The biggest reason for this is that a 1-10 ranking doesn’t always show just how close some teams are to each other. Showing the average shows just how close it is. This week is a great example. The third, fourth and fifth-ranked teams are just one point away from each other, and the sixth, seventh and eighth-ranked teams are separated by just half a point.

Let us know in the comments what you think of doing it this way.

1.00 – Oklahoma Sooners

The Sooners were a unanimous number one after lighting up Houston. The offense looks just as scary under Jalen Hurts, and the defense showed signs of improvements.

2.00 – Texas Longhorns

The Longhorns at number two was also unanimous. They looked solid in their win over Louisiana Tech, but they have a few more questions to answer than the Sooners. Youth and running back depth continue to be a concern, but this week’s matchup against LSU will go a long way to showing just what this team is capable of.

3.75 – Oklahoma State Cowboys

The Cowboys have shot up the power rankings after Spencer Sanders grabbed the nation’s attention in his debut. As good as Sanders was though, the defense was equally as bad. The Pokes needs to see some improvement in Jim Knowles group or this will be as high as they get in the rankings.

4.25 – Baylor Bears

The Bears looked good against Stephen F Austin, but a lot of teams would look good against the Lumberjacks. For now though, it looks like Charlie Brewer and company are getting the benefit of the doubt.

4.75 – Iowa State Cyclones

The Cyclones entered the season as a consensus number three, but after needing three overtimes to beat Northern Iowa, our confidence has been shaken. Rarely is a week-two bye a good thing, but Iowa State needs extra time to figure out what went wrong before facing Iowa next week.

6.50 – Kansas State Wildcats

I might need to eat some crow. I had them last in my preseason rankings, but they looked good in their win of Nicholls. Like with Baylor, we have to take the opponent into consideration, but I think it’s clear they aren’t the worst team in the conference.

6.75 – Texas Tech Red Raiders

I’m surprised to see the Red Raiders so low. The offense looked lethal as ever and they look like a team that has figured out how to tackle. So what gives? They appear to be the victim of a crowded middle of the conference. Personally, I had a hard time ranking three through eight. This is why showing the average ranking is better than just saying Texas Tech is seventh in the conference.

7.00 – TCU Horned Frogs

The fact that the Frogs finished with an average score a full rank below where they ended up, shows just how close the middle of the conference is. TCU’s sluggish start seems to have cost them in a week where a handful of other teams impressed. If you’re a Frog’s fan though, I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

9.50 – West Virginia Mountaineers

The middle of the conference is close, but we were all in agreement on who the worst two teams are at this point of the season. We we’re just split on exactly which one was worse than the other. For the Mountaineers, Neal brown has his work cut out for him.

9.50 – Kansas Jayhawks

Les Miles has the team trending in the right direction, but it is clear that there is a long road to go if they ever want to get out of the Big 12 basement.

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