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Emmanuel Acho Has Longhorn Nation Reflect Back On Program’s Defining Moments With Another One On The Horizon

Emmanuel Acho tweeted that he was giving away a ticket to LSU at Texas, and the response was fantastic.



Texas Longhorns fans celebrate in the fourth quarter of the game - Getty Images - Tim Warner
Getty Images - Tim Warner

While everyone was celebrating a great labor day off,  a Texas legend, Emmanuel Acho, was bringing Texas fans back to their childhoods. Acho use Twitter to announce that he was going to give away a ticket to the top 10 showdown between LSU and Texas.

The rules to win were simple. First, you need to follow Emmanuel Acho. If you are a Texas fan, you should have been doing that anyway. Second, retweet the announcement, and third, tell him why you deserve the ticket.

The purpose was to get fans to look back on their time representing the burnt orange. Where were you during the great times? When Ricky Williams broke Tony Dorsett’s 22-year-old single season rushing record against A&M in 1998? What about when Vince Young proclaimed Texas would be back at the Rose Bowl after beating Michigan? And then, when Texas proved it with a National Championship in 2006? 

What about the bad time? Did you share in the misery when Crabtree ripped Longhorn nation’s heart out? When Colt McCoy hurt his shoulder? When coach Mack Brown lost his touch? Where were you when the program hit rock bottom in 2016 and lost to Kansas?

These memories, and more, immediately jumped to mind while reading through the responses to Acho’s tweet. One fan added a picture to show how he traveled to Texas games for 30 years. 

Another spoke on his rough experience from Mack to Charlie. 

At the end of the day, there could only be one winner in this competition and it was a pretty easy decision. The time and effort put into this response was head and shoulders above all others. 

This coming weekend, is a weekend for fans old and young. A weekend that creates a memory in your seven year old self. This is the “Vince to the Corner!” the, “We’ll be back!” moment. There will be a few kids who come away from this game deciding they want to watch College GameDay instead of cartoons on a Saturday mornings, and a whole new generation of Longhorn fans will be born.

Does Sam Ehlinger put an emphasis on his place in Longhorn lore? Can he put the weight of a weary fan base on his shoulders and follow up on the his words from the Sugar Bowl in the same way Vince did in ’06? 

Where were you during the LSU-Texas game on September 7th, 2019? 

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