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How To Catch All The Big 12 Week 2 Action

How to watch every Big 12 game of week 2, complete with watchability ratings.



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Week 2 of the Big 12 slate has fewer games than Week 1. It has something that Week 1 didn’t: a true marquee matchup. Texas hosts LSU in the national game of the week.

While there probably isn’t a true second great game, we at least have several interesting matchups worth putting on your television.

A quick note about the Watchability Rating: It is intended to be a quick guide to how interesting the game would be to the average Big 12 fan.  Obviously, if your team is involved, you will probably want to watch the game.  The rating can also be affected by how difficult it is to find the game, both by channel selection and timing of the game. Being on an obscure channel or in a crowded or extreme time slot will normally knock the rating down a slot.

Just like last week, two of this week’s games are on ESPN’s streaming network, ESPN+. More and more games will only be available via ESPN+. This is especially true with the new Big 12 network, Big 12 Now, being a part of ESPN+.

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Watchability Ratings

  • ????? – Drop Everything. This game is must-watch television. Whether you have to stream it on your phone because you’re stuck at the mall with your significant other, or you kick everyone out of the room so that they stop walking in front of the TV, make sure that you don’t miss a second of this game.
  • ???? – This is primary viewing and should be the main game that you watch during this time slot.  It will be entertaining to anyone who turns it on. Feel free to flip around to check on other games during commercials or timeouts. Just make sure you come back quickly.
  • ??? – Make sure you have another screen to follow this one, whether it’s a second television or streaming on a laptop or your phone. You’ll want to be able to look over quickly for big plays.
  • ?? – It’s worth keeping track, but don’t feel the need to pay close attention. If the current game gets out of hand, this one might be interesting, so check to see if you have a way to turn it on, especially during commercials.
  • ? – Don’t bother trying to watch this one. It will be a blowout or really ugly. You can find out what happened later without subjecting yourself to this.

Bowling Green Vs Kansas State

When: SAT, SEPT 7 at 11:00 AM CT
TV: FSN | Stream: Fox Sports Go
Watchability: ??

At the very least, it will be interesting to see if Kansas State can repeat their performance against a higher level of competition. There is too much other good football on to make this a super high priority.

West Virginia Vs Missouri

When: SAT, SEPT 7 at 11:00 AM CT
TV: ESPN2 | Stream: WatchESPN
Watchability: ???

As much as I want you all to watch this game to see former Big 12 member Missouri get embarrassed on national television, I can’t ignore the fact that there are two marquee matchups over on FOX and ABC in this timeslot. You definitely want to be able to check in on this one quickly, but there is about an even chance that the Tigers take out their frustration on the Mountaineers. Hopefully it doesn’t get too ugly. 

UTSA Vs Baylor

When: SAT, SEPT 7 at 3:00 PM CT
TV: FSN | Stream: Fox Sports Go
Watchability: ??

This game isn’t going to be close at all. However, Texas A&M-Clemson is the only real competition for your attention. You can probably get some entertainment from this, especially during the half. 

South Dakota Vs Oklahoma

When: SAT, SEPT 7 at 6:00 PM CT
TV: PPV ($) | Stream: ($)
Watchability: ?

Unless you are a Sooner fan (and this probably goes for even most of those), I doubt you could find a way to justify paying $50 just to watch this game. It won’t be competitive, so I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to catch this game.

McNeese Vs Oklahoma State

When: SAT, SEPT 7 at 6:00 PM CT
Stream: ESPN+
Watchability: ?

This should be easy to find, as it’s on ESPN+, but it won’t be competitive enough to warrant your attention. With all the other fantastic matchups in this timeslot, I just can’t justify even putting this in the rotation, unless you happen to cover the Cowboys.

Coastal Carolina Vs Kansas

When: SAT, SEPT 7 at 6:00 PM CT
Stream: ESPN+
Watchability: ???

There are a LOT of other games to catch during this timeslot. Two things give this a boost though. First, it has the chance to be somewhat competitive. But the main draw here is that it is the season debut of Pooka Williams. He’s good for at least 3 or 4 big highlights, so do what you can to check this out, especially as you pregame for the next game on the schedule.

#6 LSU Vs #9 Texas

When: SAT, SEPT 7 at 6:30 PM CT
TV: ABC | Stream: WatchESPN
Watchability: ?????

Do I really need to explain this one? You better find a way to watch this game. The only possible excuses are if you are comatose or stuck in church. And that last one is debatable.

UTEP Vs Texas Tech

When: SAT, SEPT 7 at 7:00 PM CT
TV: FSN | Stream: Fox Sports Go
Watchability: ?

Lots of competition for your eyes, and Texas Tech should steamroll a very bad UTEP team.  Feel free to tune in if you are staying up for West Coast action, but otherwise just check the box score in the morning.

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