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Recap: Kansas shows that they are still Kansas in a baffling loss to Coastal Carolina

When is basketball, again?



Coastal Carolina Chanticleers running back CJ Marable is tackled by Kansas Jayhawks - Getty Images - Icon Sportswire
Getty Images - Icon Sportswire

For much of today, it looked like Kansas had finally passed the mantle of “Worst team in the Big 12” to the West Virginia Mountaineers. They jumped out to an early 7-0 lead on Coastal Carolina. The defense got a quick stop, and the Jayhawks looked to be on their way to a solid win.

Then the wheels completely fell off.

Carter Stanley did his best impression of Patrick Mahomes by rolling out to escape pressure, and throwing deep on the run. There was only one problem: He isn’t Patrick Mahomes. Like, not even a little bit. His two ugly interceptions completely shifted the momentum of the game.

Kicking incompetence by Coastal Carolina was the only thing that kept this game close. Massimo Biscardi missed two short field goals and an extra point. Kansas had it’s own kicking problems, and ultimately this was about as ugly of a loss as you can imagine.

The Jayhawks didn’t put up a single point after the first 3 1/2 minutes of the game, losing 12-7.

Key Plays

14:56 2nd [KU 2nd & 4 at CCU 39] – Kansas was driving after a missed field goal. Carter Stanley got pressured, rolled right and threw a duck deep, getting picked off at the Coastal Carolina 4-yard-line.

13:15 3rd [KU 3rd & 9 at CCU 38] – Still up 7-6. Carter Stanley gets pressured and rolls right again. He fires a pass right to the defense. On the sideline, he losses his composure and lays into his receiver. Coastal Carolina scores on the ensuing drive.

14:22 4th [KU 4th & 4 at CCU 16] – This was a killer on many levels. First, the play-calling was atrocious. With Pooka Williams and Khalil Herbert both running fairly well, the coaches dialed up a quarterback keeper. Stanely was nowhere near the line. But to make matters worse, they burned TWO timeouts dialing up this play. They also never considered a field goal, showing how much faith they have in the kickers. And using their last two timeouts meant they had none left to try and get one more shot at the win.

Key Stats

0-3 – That’s Kansas on 4th downs, all with the Jayhawks trailing. Each was preceded by a Pooka Williams run for a loss on 3rd and short.

148 – The number of rushing yards for Coastal Carolina running back CJ Marable. He scored both touchdowns for the Chanticleers, one on the ground and the other on a 20 yard reception, his only catch of the night.

2 – The number of interceptions for Carter Stanley.  The senior looked terrible today, as he also threw another pass out in the flat backwards that rolled out of bounds.

Kansas Key Players

  • Pooka Williams – 22 CAR, 99 YDs, 2 REC, 10 YDs
  • Khalil Herbert – 8 CAR, 82 YDs, 1 TD

Remaining Thoughts

What Is Wrong With This Defense? – While the offense didn’t do them any favors, the defense was unable to stop the Chanticleers for pretty much the entire game. The run defense was basically non-existent. If it weren’t for the kicking woes of Biscardi, the score would have been even worse.

The Offensive Line Is Still Bad – The right side of the line was even worse this game than the last. Nearly all the successful runs on the night went to the left side of the line or were toss plays to the outside. If the Jayhawks can’t figure it out, it will be a long season for the offense.

Carter Stanley Can’t Wing It – The senior seems to have trouble making decisions on the fly, which might explain the vanilla gameplan. He thrives when he can manage the game with defined passing progressions and clear handoffs. But we saw that when the play broke down, he routinely made bad decisions. That probably isn’t the best trait for the quarterback at Kansas. 

Kansas is Still Kansas – We thought that the David Beaty days were behind us. The playcalling and in-game coaching was supposed to be better. The mismanagement of timeouts was supposed to be gone with the old coach. Instead, it seems like Les Miles has some rust that he needs to shake off. 

Game Highlights

Les Miles Post-Game Press Conference

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