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2019 Season

LGG Week 3 Big 12 Power Rankings

Lots of blowouts didn’t do much to clarify the rankings this week.



Members of the Oklahoma Sooners spirit squad perform before the game - Getty Images - Brett Deering
Getty Images - Brett Deering

Week 2 came and went with only a couple big surprises. With everyone except the bottom two impressing, the two teams not in on the action took significant hits this week.

Before we get to the rankings, a quick reminder about our format. Through the rest of the season, the power rankings will be a composite of four ballots with the voters being Chris Ross, Josh Cowan, Phillip Slavin and myself.

Also, instead of showing a 1-10 ranking, we will show each team’s average rank for the week instead. Rather than just giving a listing of the teams in order, this gives additional information about how close the voting was.

This are a bit later than we would normally like, and I’m pinch hitting on these rankings for Chris this week. But we wanted to make sure you had these before the bulk of the action starts in the morning.

1.00 – Oklahoma Sooners (LW – 1.00)

Oklahoma maintains their ranking from last week. The opponent wasn’t good enough to tell us anything about the defense. The offense still looked scary good, even in a game they could have slept through and still won easily.

2.00 – Texas Longhorns (LW – 2.00)

Despite the tough loss to LSU, the Longhorns maintain their unanimous ranking. They showed enough offensively against a vaunted Tigers defense to think they’ll be just fine in conference play. And that offense is potent enough that we can’t get too worried about the defense. Yet.

3.75 – Oklahoma State Cowboys (LW – 3.75)

The Cowboys maintain their spot from last week. Despite the slow start by Spencer Sanders and the offense, they still annihilated McNeese.

4.00 – Baylor Bears (LW – 4.25)

Week 2 was as lopsided as week 1. Without any real competition, it’s tough to know just how long they can stay up here.

5.75 – Kansas State Wildcats (LW – 6.50)

Two surprisingly dominant performances have jumped the Wildcats up into the top half of the conference. But there are still a lot of questions about just how real this production is. They’ll have a huge test against Mississippi State this week. Another impressive performance, even in a loss, could boost them up into the top 4.

6.25 – Iowa State Cyclones (LW – 4.75)

The Cyclones tumbled in the rankings. Their lackluster win in week 1 paired with an early bye in week 2 made it hard to think of them positively. A big win against Iowa this week will shoot them right back up.

6.25 – Texas Tech Red Raiders (LW – 6.75)

The Red Raiders are still pretty low in the rankings. While Chris was surprised last week, I think this has to do with two things. First, they have been on really late in both weeks, meaning that most people haven’t actually watched them play. Second, they’ve played two bad offenses, so the defensive questions haven’t even come close to being answered. They can’t address the first this week, but Arizona has a high-powered offense, so the final score will tell us a lot.

7.50 – TCU Horned Frogs (LW – 7.00)

Given the performances of the teams around them, it’s easy to see why they didn’t move at all this week. Depending on what you think about Purdue, their results this week could either move them quite a bit or not really do much. Either way, they’ll have plenty of time to climb the rankings as long as they have the offense figured out.

9.00 – West Virginia Mountaineers (LW – 9.50)

What to do with the Mountaineers? Their loss to Missouri was embarrassing, but at least it was to a Power 5 school that everyone thought was going to be good this season. They clearly look like a bad team, but better than the Jayhawks.

10.00 – Kansas Jayhawks (LW – 9.50)

As embarrassing as that West Virginia loss was, letting Coastal Carolina score 12 unanswered points after the first drive to win the game was exponentially worse. They need to figure something out quick. West Virginia comes to town next week. It will be the only chance for the Jayhawks to climb out of the cellar all year.

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