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2019 Season

The LGG Week 4 Big 12 Power Rankings

Trying to make sense of this conference is not easy.



The Oklahoma Sooners takes the field - Getty Images - MediaNews Group
Getty Images - MediaNews Group

It was a wild week three, which has resulted in chaos in the power rankings. Things got off to a wild start on Friday. After not winning a road game against a Power 5 opponent in over a decade, the Jayhawks went to Boston College as 21-point underdogs and left as 24-point victors. The historic performance has Kansas firmly out of the conference basement.

Okay, maybe not firmly, but they aren’t last or even next to last.

As a reminder, we’ve changed up how we do the power rankings this year. Through the rest of the season, the power rankings will be a composite of four ballots with the voters being Josh Cowan, Phillip Slavin, Andy Mitts and myself.

Also, instead of showing a 1-10 ranking, we will show each team’s average rank for the week instead. Rather than just giving a listing of the teams in order, this gives additional information about how close the voting was.

We also started showing how teams are tending, along with their highest and lowest rank of the season. Side note, in a perfect world, the up arrows would be green, but we don’t get to make the emoji rules.

1.00 – Oklahoma

LW: 1.00 | H: 1.00 | L: 1.00

The Sooners capped off their non-conference slate with a big win over UCLA and continue to show that they are the team to beat behind the play of Jalen Hurts.

2.00 – Texas

LW: 2.00 | H: 2.00 | L: 2.00

I have to admit, I was worried Texas might struggle against Rice as their injuries start to rack up. Especially after the deflating loss to LSU and the Oklahoma State game on the horizon. However, they looked impressive and came out sharp. Yes, it was Rice, but I liked what I saw out of the Longhorns.

3.75 – Kansas State 🔺

LW: 5.75 | H: 3.75 | L: 6.50

Talk about looking impressive, Kansas State went on the road and handled Mississippi State. Bill Snyder who? The Chris Klieman era is here and he’s making the sure college football world takes notice.

4.50 – Baylor 🔻

LW: 4.00 | H: 4.00 | L: 4.50

The Bears are still the fourth team listed, but slipped a bit in their average after being idle in week three.

4.75 – Oklahoma State 🔻

LW: 3.75 | H: 3.75 | L: 4.75

The Cowboys fell a full point average after covering the spread against Tulsa, so what gives? Mostly, we have three teams that we’re trying put into two spots (3 and 4), and OSU was the odd man out. We’re at the point of the ranking where we are looking for anything to separate these teams and slow starts and a suspect defense have shaken our faith in the orange and black.

6.00 – Iowa State 🔺

LW: 6.25 | H: 4.75 | L: 6.25

This has not been the start to the season Cyclone Nation waited all summer for. On the plus side, muffing a punt to ice the game for the Hawkeyes is likely the most embarrassing thing to happen all season. So, they can put it behind them and focus on next week. But then again, they probably thought it wasn’t going to get more embarrassing than needing three overtimes to beat Northern Iowa…

6.00 – TCU 🔺

LW: 7.50 | H: 6.00 | L: 7.50

Well, we thought it was just a matter of time before freshman quarterback Max Duggan passed Alex Delton on the depth chart, but I’m not sure we thought it happen by the third drive of their second game. Duggan came in and immediately led the Frogs down the field for a score, and TCU handled Purdue on the road. Duggan’s numbers weren’t stellar, but it’s clear that he gives the offense a spark.

8.50 – Kansas 🔺

LW: 10.00 | H: 8.50 | L: 10.00

What happened? How do you go from struggling to get a push against Coastal Carolina to running roughshod over Boston College the very next week? Kansas looked like a completely different team by discovering the run-pass option seemingly overnight. How do you rank that team? I don’t fully know, but we don’t think they are last.

9.00 – West Virginia

LW: 9.00 | H: 9.00 | L: 9.50

I don’t know if it was the resounding loss to Missouri or not wanting to be last after watching Kansas turn into a football power house overnight, but something lit a fire in the Mountaineers. We still aren’t sold though, and I think we are all just waiting to see what happens this week against the Jayhawks.

9.50 – Texas Tech 🔻

LW: 6.25 | H: 6.25 | L: 9.50

Week three was pretty much the Red Raider’s worst nightmare come to life. Their prolific offense disappeared in the desert, and to add injury to insult, quarterback Alan Bowman will miss several weeks. We saw what happened to this team last season without Bowman, but hey, at least there is basketball to look forward to…oh no.

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