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Coach Gundy Rips Reporter During Week 5 Big 12 Teleconference

You better think about your question before you come at coach Mike Gundy.



Head coach Mike Gundy of the Oklahoma State Cowboys reacts - Getty Images - Jonathan Bachman
Getty Images - Jonathan Bachman

The Cowboys lost in Austin, and coach Mike Gundy was not having it come Monday. A reporter made the silly mistake of you know, asking Gundy as question, and Gundy let him know he best rethink that decision.

This exchange comes on the heels of a rather contentious post-game press conference, but I have to be honest, I don’t fault Gundy here. It was a stupid question.

The reporter is referencing a “report” that Oklahoma State mega-booster T. Boone Pickens left coach Gundy $30 in his will to go get a haircut. Here’s the thing though, the article was satire. So asking if there was any truth to something some yahoo made up on the internet a week ago is a bit ridiculous. That’s the best question you got after their game against Texas?

So I get where Gundy is coming from. After all, he knew Pickens fairly well, and he probably doesn’t appreciate the manufactured jab so soon after Pickens’ death in the first place.

Perhaps coach Gary Patterson had the last laugh though. When the same reporter asked coach Petersen — oops, sorry, made the same mistake as the teleconference host — when he asked coach Patterson a question, Patterson responded with a jab at Gundy in good fun.

“Don’t worry, I’m in a better mood than coach Gundy.”

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