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Texas Tech’s Eli Howard Apologizes For Illegal Hit

The Red Raider lineman took to Twitter to apologize for a nasty hit on Oklahoma’s Kennedy Brooks.



Texas Tech defensive lineman Eli Howard has been catching a lot of heat on social media for an illegal block he made on Saturday. The controversial block came when Douglas Coleman picked off Jalen Hurts. As you can see in the below clip, Howard comes flying in at the end of the play with a vicious block on Oklahoma’s Kennedy Brooks.

The play was definitely unnecessary and many have called it a “dirty” hit. Watching it in real time it’s hard to argue that point. However, Howard is known to play with a high motor and is not one to give up on a play. When you’re going full tilt and you’re making split-second decisions, mistakes will be made. It’s how we own up to those mistakes that defines us, and in that regard, Howard excelled on Saturday.

Howard publicly apologized to Brooks and to his coaches in a lengthy Twitter post. He explained what happened from his point of view and that he did not intend for that to happen. He also expressed that he hopes Brooks, who came up limping after the play, is not significantly injured, and that it is never his goal to injure another player.

Most Tech fans are certainly aware that Eli Howard is a leader on the defense and is not known to be a dirty player. Howard’s public apology shows the quality of his character and hopefully helps his image in the public eye. 

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