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2019 Season

Three Thoughts on the Week 6 AP Poll

Trying to make sense of the voter’s ballots in the week 6 AP Top 25.



Brock Martin of the Oklahoma State Cowboys celebrates his fumble recovery - Getty Images - Brian Bahr
Getty Images - Brian Bahr

For the third week in a row, the Big 12 has three teams ranked in the AP Top 25 poll. And for a third straight week, that third team is someone different as Oklahoma State gets ranked for the first time this season.

Oklahoma and Texas remained at No. 6 and No. 11, while Oklahoma State joined the Top 25 at No. 21. Kansas State dropped out after their loss to the Cowboys. So, after five weeks, here’s what it looks like for the Big 12:

  • 6. Oklahoma
  • 11. Texas
  • 21. Oklahoma State
  • RV: Baylor, Kansas State

Please Explain This To Me

So let me get this straight. Kansas State was a top-25 team who lost to a nearly top-25 team on the road, and this week they only get one 25th-place vote?

TCU, who was ranked the week before losing to SMU, who it turns out is pretty good and is now ranked, then blows out Kansas, but doesn’t get a single Top-25 vote?

Baylor who is 4-0 — albeit ain’t played nobody — not only isn’t ranked, they’re essentially at No. 32?

Yet Texas A&M, who yes has played a very difficult schedule, but didn’t even look good in either loss, and doesn’t have a good win to show yet, is still in the Top 25. Same thing for Michigan?

The Big 12 is fighting a perception problem BIG TIME this year. And don’t expect it to get any better anytime soon. Not having any real marquee non-conference victories hurts. But man there is just no benefit of the doubt given to the conference right now. And to be honest, I don’t see it getting any better.

Doing Baylor Dirty

As we said, Baylor ain’t played nobody. Well, actually they beat a good (but not great) Iowa State team on Saturday. Their opponents are a combined 4-14 so far on the season. (SCHEDULE BETTER BEARS).

Still, you’d think they would get a little more love than. Only five voters had the Bears in their Top-25’s this week. Five.

This is the downside to having a weak out of conference schedule if you’re a non-blue blood. It’s something that won’t be a problem moving forward.

That said, it would be good for the conference if the Bears keep winning. The Big 12 needs to have a couple of ranked teams outside of Texas and Oklahoma or it’s going to be hard to get a team in the play-off this year. Even if one the Sooners or Longhorns finish as conference champs with just one loss.

This is no shot at Kansas State, but it would be good for the conference as a whole if the Bears were undefeated and ranked when they head to Stillwater to face OSU on October 19th.

Speaking of Disrespect

So let me get this straight. Ohio State — who ain’t played nobody — is blowing teams out so they get the benefit of the doubt that they’re good. Same thing goes for Alabama. But Oklahoma? Nope. They’ve fallen twice in the poll already despite not even sniffing a close game all season.

Again, I get it. The Big 12 currently has a non-conference schedule issue; theirs was bad. The “marquee” win, Kansas State over Mississippi State, looks a lot worse after the Bulldogs got blitzed by Auburn on Saturday.

But please explain to me why some teams get the benefit of the doubt from the eye test, while others don’t. Why is Oklahoma’s non-conference schedule held against them while Ohio State and Alabama’s aren’t.

With Kansas on the schedule this Saturday, it’s going to be another week before the Sooners have a chance to earn the respect back; when they play Texas in Dallas on October 12th.

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