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2019 Season

Thoughts On The Week 7 AP Top 25 Poll

Why isn’t the Big 12 getting the same treatment as some other teams?



The Week 7 AP Top 25 poll is out and for the rotating door that is the Big 12’s third ranked team behind Oklahoma and Texas, continues to spin. This time, Oklahoma State is out and Baylor is in.

The poll just barely missed out on giving us a Top-10 Red River Shoot Out match-up this coming weekend. Oklahoma remains at No. 6 while Texas remains at No. 11, just 11 points behind new No. 10 Penn State.

The 5-0 Baylor Bears find themselves ranked for the first time this season, coming in at No. 22.

  • 6. Oklahoma
  • 11. Texas
  • 22. Baylor
  • RV: Iowa State

Welcome Bears

To be honest, the Bears probably should have been ranked last week, but whatever. Baylor, off to its first 5-0 start since 2016, is probably still under-ranked, but that’s what happens when you’re non-conference line-up includes UTSA, Rice, and Stephen F. Austin.

The question now is, can they avoid the fate that has befallen the last two Big 12 teams to enter the rankings; a loss. TCU was ranked three weeks ago, before falling to in-state rival SMU. Kansas State was ranked two weeks ago, before losing to Oklahoma State. The Cowboys were ranked last week before laying a massive egg in Lubbock.

Baylor welcomes those same Red Raiders to Waco this Saturday and will try to avoid an upset. If they do, expect them to keep moving up. If they don’t, get ready for two Big 12 teams ranked next week.

The Iowa State Conundrum

Is Iowa State a Top-25 team this year? Since being ranked in the preseason and after Week 1, they’ve hung around the “receiving votes” section for some time. They’re currently 3-2 and coming off a nice smackdown of TCU.

Should we have seen this coming? A slow start out of the gate before finally firing on all cylinders through the middle stretch of the season? Is ISU a Top-25 team that just takes a month to get things going?

They’ve got a decent test this week in Morgantown against a West Virginia team that feels like they let a winnable game get away from them. With games Texas Tech and Oklahoma State to follow, we could be looking at a 6-2 Cyclone team going into Norman for a big showdown on November 9th.

No Second Chances

Can someone explain something to me?

TCU lost to SMU and wasn’t just dropped from the Top-25, but wasn’t even receiving votes. Kansas State lost to Oklahoma State and the next week had one 25-th place vote. Oklahoma State loses to Texas Tech on the road and doesn’t get a single vote this week.

I realize that TCU hasn’t turned out to be that good. Same with Kansas State. And who knows if OSU is good or not thus far. But the fact that teams like USC, UCF, Cal, and Washington remain in the “RV” after losses is confounding to me.

Why are Big 12 teams completely doubted after a loss while others still have believers. Why is the Big 12 being treated like pretenders after losses while other teams are given the benefit of the doubt that their losses don’t mean they’re not Top-25 caliber?

The Big 12 isn’t as strong as the past couple of seasons. The middle is a mess (though the bottom is the best it’s been in roughly a decade) and after Oklahoma and Texas, we’re still waiting on the third-best team to stand up and stay standing.

The point is, the Big 12 ain’t getting the benefit of the doubt this year, and outside of a weak non-conference slate by the entire conference, I just can’t figure out why.