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2019 Season

Ten12 Podcast: Midway Through The Season, The Big 12 Is As Confusing As Ever

Looking back at the Big 12 at the midway point of the season, and looking ahead at how the Big 12 will shake out.



At this point in the season, it seems fair to make some observations on the state of the Big 12. That’s exactly what we do with guests Andy Mitts and Mark Cooper of The Score. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to get to hear from Mark, thought. There was a technical difficulty and his audio was unusable. it had to be cut from the interview, but we hope to get him back on soon. You have to love technology, right?

Phillip wasn’t just battling audio issues, either. He is fighting a cold as well. So please bare with us today.

Once all the issues were worked out, Phillip and Andy discussed the Big 12 so far this season, and what has surprised them so far. Like, Baylor’s better than expected offense. Although, not all the surprises were good. Here’s looking at you Horned Frog defense.

They also start the discussion on whether or not Oklahoma can make the playoff this year as a 1-loss Big 12 champ. They also look at the most important game remaining on the Big 12’s schedule, and much more.

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