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Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 7

Trying to make sense of last week with the week 7 Big 12 Power Rankings.



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What a difference a week can make in the Big 12. Just as we think we are starting to figure out the top of this conference, everything gets thrown in to chaos. Now, we try to make sense of it all as it’s time for the week 7 power rankings.

As a reminder, instead of showing a 1-10 ranking, we are showing each team’s average rank as voted on by Josh, Phillip, Andy and myself. We feel like this gives additional information about how close the voting was. It shows just how close the gap is between some teams and it shows just how much each team has moved.

1.00 – Oklahoma

The Sooners got off to a slow start, but it didn’t matter as they still has the Jayhawks put away by halftime. Kansas got a couple of scores late in the game to make it look closer than it really was. Oklahoma remains at the top of the power rankings, but that is about to be tested with the Red River Showdown this weekend.

2.00 – Texas

The Longhorns left Morgantown with the win last week, and remain the favorite to challenge Oklahoma. Speaking of the Sooners, Texas is going from a pretend rivalry to a real rivalry this week as they look to dethrone the crimson and cream.

3.00 – Baylor ↑1.00

The Bears continue their win streak, and have separated themselves as the clear number three in the conference. At least for now. Now ranked 22nd in the AP Poll, Baylor looks to create even more separation this week against Texas Tech, while also hoping to survive the curse of being the third Big 12 team in the AP rankings.

4.25 – Iowa State ↑2.00

The Cyclones move up two full spots after suffocating the Horned Frogs last week in Ames. Never doubt Iowa State and Brock Purdy in October.

5.00 – Oklahoma State ↓2.00

Last week, Oklahoma State was a consensus third in the Big 12, while Texas Tech was tied with Kansas for last in the conference. Now, we don’t know what to think after the Red Raiders dismantled the Cowboys in Lubbock. It’s clear the Pokes have some things to work on. Namely, finding some offense behind Hubbard and Wallace, because if a defense can contain those two, it’s game over for OSU.

6.25 – TCU

Surprisingly, TCU’s loss to the Cyclones doesn’t seem to have affected them this week in the power rankings. Which is probably more about not knowing where to put OSU while also feeling that the Frogs are better than the teams behind them.

7.00 – Texas Tech ↑2.50

The Red Raiders are the biggest upward movers this week after upsetting Oklahoma State. Jett Duffey seems to be settling into the offense in Alan Bowman’s absence, and the win went a long way in separating them from the bottom of the pack.

8.25 – Kansas State ↓2.75

While the Horned Frogs loss didn’t affect TCU in the rankings, the Wildcats have been sent tumbling down the rankings after coming up short against Baylor. Without receiver Malik Knowles to stretch opposing defenses, the offense struggles to move the ball. Unfortunately, Knowles is still week-to-week, and there is no timetable for his return.

8.25 – West Virginia ↓0.25

The Mountaineers put up a fight, but Texas was too much in the end. West Virginia continues to hover in the basement of the Big 12, but at least they have the win over Kansas. They welcome Iowa State to Morgantown this week.

10.00 – Kansas ↓0.50

Kansas led Oklahoma 7-0 before the Sooners woke up, but Les Miles is already tired of moral victories. He fired offensive coordinator Les Koenning. The Jayhawks get a bye week though, before we will get to see whether or not less Les is more.

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