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2019 Season

Big 12 Power Rankings: Week 8

Not much changes for the week 8 Big 12 power rankings.



Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Jalen Hurts rushes the ball during a game - Getty Images - Icon Sportswire
Getty Images - Icon Sportswire

With just three games, last week didn’t do too much to shake up the power rankings. In fact, it’s largely unchanged as no one moved enough to changed spots. The only “movement” came as Josh, Phillip, Andy and myself have fallen more into agreement, and teams become more solidified in their spot in the power rankings.

We think we are starting to get this season figured out. However, a couple of key games this week is either going to solidify our rankings or completely shake it up.

1.00 – Oklahoma

With the Golden Hat in Norman, the Sooners remain at the top of our power rankings. The offense simply has too many weapons and it’s clear that Jalen Hurts is for real. Not to mention that the defense showed that Oklahoma is a National Title contender.

2.00 – Texas

Despite the loss, we are all still in agreement that the Longhorns are the second-best team in the Big 12. It’s a shame that this squad is missing so many playmakers on the defense, because who knows what could have been. They have two losses, but both are to top-5 teams. As long as the Longhorns stay focused, a rematch in the Big 12 Championship game seems likely.

3.00 – Baylor

It took a bit of help from the Big 12 officiating crew, but the Bears remain undefeated and remain a unanimous number three in the power rankings. It also helps that they have a win against the unanimous number four team. However, they head to Stillwater this week as the underdogs, and a loss there could shake up the rankings.

4.00 – Iowa State ↑0.25

Last week, the Cyclones received three fourth place votes. This week we made it unanimous after Iowa State took care of West Virginia on the road. It’s taken a bit, but the Iowa State offense is starting to roll, and now they head to Lubbock to face the team that took Baylor to double overtime.

5.25 – Oklahoma State ↑0.25

Red Raider fans probably don’t like seeing the Cowboys here since the last time we saw the Pokes they were getting drug up and down the field by Texas Tech. The truth is, the Cowboys are hard to place, but we will know a lot more about this team after Baylor leaves Stillwater on Saturday.

6.25 – TCU

What to make of the Horned Frogs? They have beat up lesser competition, but against quality teams, they have struggled. The last time we saw them they were out-scored 2-1 by Iowa State. However, the bye week can only help freshman quarterback Max Duggan. They have a wounded Kansas State team up this weekend, which should tell us more about this team.

6.50 – Texas Tech ↑0.50

There’s no guarantee the Red Raiders don’t shank the kick or fumble the snap themselves, but they can’t help but feel robbed in Waco. Jett Duffey has impressed us with his improved play the last couple of weeks and it has us wondering if we have written off the Red Raiders too early.

8.50 – Kansas State ↑0.25

What can I say? Until the Wildcats get Malik Knowles back, or they find an offense without their star receiver, it’s going to be a long season. It seems simple, but without Knowles, defenses are more than happy to dare the Wildcats to beat them over the top. Without Knowles in the lineup, the Cats are averaging less than 300 yards and 12.5 points per game. That’s not going to cut it in this conference.

8.50 – West Virginia ↑0.25

After a promising 3-1 start, the last couple of outings haven’t been kind to the Mountaineers. They put up a fight against Texas a couple of weeks ago, but the Longhorn’s depth and talent won out in the end. The Mountaineers didn’t have as much fight last week though, as Iowa State held West Virginia scoreless in the second half to win comfortably. A big part of that was losing quarterback Austin Kendall early in the game. Kendall will be back though this week to face his old team, Oklahoma. We’ll see if they can keep it within the 33.5-point spread.

10.00 – Kansas

I firmly believe that one year the Jayhawks won’t finish at the bottom of the Big 12. I just hope it’s in my lifetime, because it’s looking like it won’t be this year. Kansas is mixing up the offensive staff, but with each week the game against Boston College is looking more and more like an anomaly. So far all Kansas has to brag about in Big 12 play is hanging tough with West Virginia, but I’m not sure that’s a lot to brag about at this point.

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