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2019 Season

How To Catch All The Big 12 Week 8 Action

How to watch every Big 12 game of week 8, complete with watchability ratings.



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We are back to a full slate this week. All the teams are in action, and there is a wide variety of matchups. 

A quick note about the Watchability Rating: It is intended to be a quick guide to how interesting the game would be to the average Big 12 fan.  Obviously, if your team is involved, you will probably want to watch the game.  The rating can also be affected by how difficult it is to find the game, both by channel selection and timing of the game. Being on an obscure channel or in a crowded or extreme time slot will normally knock the rating down a slot.

None of this week’s games are on ESPN’s streaming network, ESPN+. However, more and more games will only be available via ESPN+, including many non-revenue sports and men’s and women’s basketball games. This is especially true with the new Big 12 network, Big 12 Now, being a part of ESPN+.

If you’re thinking about signing up, go here to check out a free trial. This is the super exciting part for us. We’ve partnered with ESPN+. So, when you use our link, not only do you get to watch your favorite team’s game, but you also help support the LGG. Plus you get the Big 12 Now network and things like the Miles to Go miniseries. As Michael Scott would say, it’s a win, win, win! So go check it out.

Watchability Ratings

  • 📺📺📺📺📺 – Drop Everything. This game is must-watch television. Whether you have to stream it on your phone because you’re stuck at the mall with your significant other, or you kick everyone out of the room so that they stop walking in front of the TV, make sure that you don’t miss a second of this game.
  • 📺📺📺📺 – This is primary viewing and should be the main game that you watch during this time slot.  It will be entertaining to anyone who turns it on. Feel free to flip around to check on other games during commercials or timeouts. Just make sure you come back quickly.
  • 📺📺📺 – Make sure you have another screen to follow this one, whether it’s a second television or streaming on a laptop or your phone. You’ll want to be able to look over quickly for big plays.
  • 📺📺 – It’s worth keeping track, but don’t feel the need to pay close attention. If the current game gets out of hand, this one might be interesting, so check to see if you have a way to turn it on, especially during commercials.
  • 📺 – Don’t bother trying to watch this one. It will be a blowout or really ugly. You can find out what happened later without subjecting yourself to this.

West Virginia At 5 Oklahoma

When: SAT, OCT 19 at 11:00 AM CT
TV: FOX | Stream: Fox Sports Go
Watchability: 📺📺

Given the scheduling strategy for the Big 12, this is the “marquee” timeslot for the Big 12 this week. The fact that they put what is likely to be the most uncompetitive game here is disappointing. I don’t expect this one to be close. Naturally, that means it will probably be the best game of the day.

Iowa State At Texas Tech

When: SAT, OCT 11 at 11:00 AM CT
TV: FS1 | Stream: Fox Sports Go
Watchability: 📺📺📺

I apparently don’t know a thing about whether it is worth watching Texas Tech games, but even I can’t say you shouldn’t be watching this one. I still don’t know if this defense is for real, but I think this might be the best game of the day in the conference. If not, it will be a close second.

TCU At Kansas State

When: SAT, OCT 19 at 1:30 PM CT
TV: FSN | Stream: Fox Sports Go
Watchability: 📺📺

This is a weird timeslot. It’s right in between the games before and after, so if the main game you are watching is over, this could be an entertaining option. I have no idea what this is going to look like. It could be a fantastic matchup that you’ll be sorry for missing. Or it could be a snoozer that will make you want to claw your eyes out. Keep an eye on it, but don’t expect too much.

18 Baylor At Oklahoma State

When: SAT, OCT 19 at 3:00 PM CT
TV: FOX | Stream: Fox Sports Go
Watchability: 📺📺📺📺

There is not much here in the way of big names. Most other games are middling conference matchups that will mainly be interesting to other conference members. This could easily be the most entertaining game of the week. It will go a long way to determining which tier each of these teams are in. Miss it at your own risk.

Kansas At 15 Texas

When: SAT, OCT 12 at 6:00 PM CT
TV: Longhorn Network | Stream: WatchESPN
Watchability: 📺

This game is going to be hard to find. The Longhorn Network is not widely available, so good luck with this. If you can find it, it will probably be worth watching, at least for a half. Texas is beat up. Kansas is breaking in a new offensive coordinator. There is genuine intrigue. But I won’t blame you if you decide to avoid the headache of finding this one.