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Ten12 Podcast: We’re Previewing All Of The Texas Teams This Week

Instead of just one preview for the biggest game of the week, we’re previewing all four Texas teams of the Big 12 with Shehan Jeyarajah.



Did you miss us on Monday? We’re sorry. To prove it, we’re not just previewing one Big 12 game this week, we’re previewing all four Texas teams of the conference!

Texas Tech welcomes Iowa State, TCU travels to Kansas State, Baylor is an underdog at Oklahoma State and Texas doesn’t want a repeat of 2016 against Kansas. That’s a lot to cover, so hosts Phillip Slavin and Chris Ross brought in some help.

Shehan Jeyarajah of Texas Football joins the show to help break down this weekend’s slate and what to expect out of the Lone Star State’s teams on Saturday.

Episode Guests

Episode Topics

  • Bob Stoops is reuniting with Landry Jones.
  • Is Texas really in trouble or just really beat up?
  • How worry should we be about TCU, especially on defense.
  • Something is wrong with Jealon Reagor.
  • Boarding the Jett Duffey…jet.
  • Tech has a defense.
  • Does OSU or Baylor have the better offensive duo?
  • Just how far can Baylor legitimately go this season?
  • Shehan covers every team in Texas. We mean every. team.

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