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Ten12 Podcast: Don’t Call Them “Okie State”, Previewing The Cowboys At The Cyclones

The Cowboys travel to Ames, and we’re breaking down the matchup.



Our Big Game of the Week is Oklahoma State at Iowa State. The Cowboys are looking to bounce back from a loss, while the Cyclones look to stay undefeated in October.

To help us break down the game, we have brought in a couple of guys that know these teams the best. Ted Flint and Michael Doutey join the show to give their perspectives on the matchup and what each team needs to do in order to win on Saturday.

Oh, and if you didn’t know, Oklahoma State fans don’t like being called “Okie State”, as Ted found out. It’s a great episode, so give it a listen and weigh in on the comments with your thoughts on the use of “Okie State”.

Episode Guests

Episode Topics

  • The 2020 Big 12 football schedule is out
  • Get signed up for ESPN+ for Big 12 MBB Media Days
  • Chris and Phillip help learn Ted on why you don’t call OSU “Okie State”
  • It’s not a rivalry, so what is Oklahoma State vs Iowa State?
  • What’s wrong with quarterback Spencer Sanders?
  • What does each team need to do to win?
  • Game predictions from our guests

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