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2019 Season

How To Catch All The Big 12 Bowl Action

How to catch the Big 12 action bowl season. Plus, watchability ratings so you know what to expect.



TUCSON, AZ - SEPTEMBER 01: An ESPN video camera operator works during the college football game between the BYU Cougars and the Arizona Wildcats on September 1, 2018 at Arizona Stadium in Tucson, AZ. BYU defeated Arizona 28-23. (Photo by Carlos Herrera/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
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It’s officially the postseason. For some schools, that means tons of extra practices that can serve as a springboard for next year. For others, they have to sit and suffer watching others play in games that they should have been in instead. The action is spread out throughout the next few weeks, so use this as your guide.

A quick note about the Watchability Rating: It is intended to be a quick guide to how interesting the game would be to the average Big 12 fan.  Obviously, if your team is involved, you will probably want to watch the game.  The rating can also be affected by how difficult it is to find the game, both by channel selection and timing of the game. Being on an obscure channel or in a crowded or extreme time slot will normally knock the rating down a slot.

None of these bowl games are on ESPN’s streaming network, ESPN+. However, more and more games will only be available via ESPN+, including many non-revenue sports and men’s and women’s basketball games. This is especially true with the new Big 12 network, Big 12 Now, being a part of ESPN+.

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Watchability Ratings

These have been updated to reflect the season. Everyone is busy around the holidays, so use these ratings to tell you HOW you should follow the game. You should definitely follow them, but the level of attention you pay may vary.

  • 📺📺📺📺📺 – Drop Everything. This game is must-watch television. Block off your day, make sure all the snacks are assembled, silence notifications on your phone and park in front of the TV. If pets (or other people) keep walking in front of the TV or bugging you, lock then in another room until the game is over.
  • 📺📺📺📺 – This is primary viewing and should be the main game that you watch during this time slot.  It will be entertaining to anyone who turns it on. Feel free to flip around to check on other games during commercials or timeouts. Just make sure you come back quickly. If you HAVE to run errands, make sure someone else drives so you can watch it on your phone.
  • 📺📺📺 – Make sure you have another screen to follow this one, whether it’s a second television or streaming on a laptop or your phone. You’ll want to be able to look over quickly for big plays. If you HAVE to be away from the TV, stream the radio broadcast so you can note what highlights to watch.
  • 📺📺 – It’s worth keeping track, but don’t feel the need to pay close attention. If the current game gets out of hand, this one might be interesting, so check to see if you have a way to turn it on, especially during commercials. If you are out and about, pull up Gamecast and check it periodically.
  • 📺 – Don’t worry too much about this one. It will be a blowout or really ugly. However, it’s still college football, so you should still try to turn it on. You can find out what happened later without subjecting yourself to this.

Texas Bowl [25 Oklahoma State VS Texas A&M]

When: FRI, DEC 27 at 5:45 PM CT
TV: ESPN | Stream: WatchESPN
Watchability: 📺📺📺📺

Yes, it’s true that Texas A&M is an overrated SEC team. They really shouldn’t be favored in this game. But Oklahoma State should put on enough of a show to make this entertaining regardless of the final score. Plus, watching an overrated SEC team get beaten in a bowl game and then make excuses for it is a national past-time.

Camping World Bowl [15 Notre Dame VS Iowa State]

When: SAT, DEC 28 at 11:00 AM CT
TV: ABC | Stream: WatchESPN
Watchability: 📺📺📺📺

On paper, this doesn’t look to be much of a game. Notre Dame is nationally ranked. Iowa State limped into a bowl game. But Iowa State has a good enough defense to make this entertaining. Push your errands New Year’s errands off until Sunday or Monday. This will be a good warm-up for the semifinals.

CFB Playoff – Peach Bowl [4 Oklahoma VS 1 LSU]

When: SAT, DEC 28 at 3:00 PM CT
TV: ESPN | Stream: WatchESPN
Watchability: 📺📺📺📺📺

All I’m hearing is that this is going to be a blowout. But Oklahoma has played a competitive game every time they have been in the playoffs. I fully expect this to be the most entertaining game of the playoffs, so don’t miss it.

Liberty Bowl [23 Navy VS Kansas State]

When: TUE, DEC 31 at 2:45 PM CT
TV: ESPN | Stream: WatchESPN
Watchability:  📺📺📺

Of all the Big 12 teams in bowls this year, Kansas State is probably the best suited to face Navy. They have the talents on the lines to match up and attack this team. I expect an entertaining game for anyone who tunes in, but it won’t be anything spectacular. Enjoy it if you can, but don’t fret if you have to miss it.

Alamo Bowl [11 Utah VS Texas]

When: TUE, DEC 31 at 6:30 PM CT
TV: ESPN | Stream: WatchESPN
Watchability: 📺📺

This is going to be ugly. Utah is out for blood, trying to prove that they belong in the discussion as a top team in college football. Texas is just trying to get to the offseason, having fired a bunch of staff and dealt with some brutal recruiting defections. This won’t be close at all, so just tune in if you like seeing Texas get destroyed.

Sugar Bowl [5 Georgia VS 7 Baylor]

When: WED, JAN 1 at 7:45 PM CT
TV: ESPN | Stream: WatchESPN
Watchability: 📺📺📺📺📺

I don’t want to hear any excuses about it not mattering much for either team if they lose. Georgia is another example of an overrated SEC team. They should give Baylor a game, but the Bears defense is better than the national media is giving them credit for. They will have the time slot to themselves, so no excuses to avoid what should be a fantastic game.

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