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2021 Season

Big 12 has 5 of the 10 Most Difficult Schedules for 2021

For some squads, there aren’t a lot of cupcakes on their 2021 slate.



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For all of the talk about the strength of the SEC, it will be the Big 12 who faces the most challenging schedules in 2021.

The odds-makers at released their strength of schedule rankings for the 2021 season, and the Big 12 had five teams in the top 10, with Kansas (2), Texas (4), Oklahoma State (5), Baylor (6), and Kansas State (8).

Of the rest of the Big 12 teams, Oklahoma had the lowest ranked schedule at No. 38. That is of course due in part to the fact that they will not face themselves while everyone else in the Big 12, will.

The SEC did have the second most teams in the Top-10 with four, with Arkansas ranking No. 1 overall. They were joined by Auburn (3), Mississippi State (7), and Ole Miss (10). Notre Dame rounded out the top 10 at No. 9.

The @SBD Strength of Schedule formula is based upon opponents’ efficiency ratings from last season minus the production lost from the 2020 team; recruiting rankings; major transfers added and lost. The formula is then adjusted for each game based upon home and road games. As a point of reference, the toughest possible schedule would score 397.09, making Arkansas’ S.O.S (126.35) 31.82% of the hardest possible schedule. The easiest hypothetical schedule would score -471.94 making UTEP’s S.O.S (171.68) 36.38% of the easiest schedule.

Here is where every Big 12 team ranked.

  1. Kansas (2)
  2. Texas (4)
  3. Oklahoma State (5)
  4. Baylor (6)
  5. Kansas State (8)
  6. TCU (14)
  7. Texas Tech (19)
  8. Iowa State (20)
  9. West Virginia (22)
  10. Oklahoma (38)

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