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2021 Season

Week 8 Picks

Last week was rough, but here’s hoping for a winning week with four great Big 12 games on tap.



Tylan Wallace of the Oklahoma State Cowboys tries to pull in the touchdown against the Iowa State Cyclones - Getty images - Brian Bahr
Getty Images - Brian Bahr

Well that didn’t go well. Last week was miserable for a couple of reasons. On Saturday, I went 1-7. On Sunday, I injured my hamstring and knee. So, not a great weekend. Hopefully, this weekend goes a bit better. Also, how are we already at week eight?

So how this (normally) works is Phillip Slavin, Daniel Alexander and myself make our picks each week on the Ten12 Podcast. However, I wasn’t able to record this week, but I still made my picks. They are below, but for Daniel’s picks, who is a professional picker, and Phillip’s picks, who is definitely not a professional, you’re going to have to listen to the podcast. Also, in my absence, we had a guest picker this week, so be sure to listen!

We make our pick for each Big 12 matchup and we make two bonus picks. The first bonus pick is on any game we want outside of the Big 12. The second bonus pick is making a pick on the money line. Basically, picking an underdog that will win straight up. It’s a lot of fun, so give the episode a listen, and my picks are below.

Note: No Twitter picks this week, but they will be back next week.

Picks are representative of where the line was at the time of posting the polls to Twitter (Monday morning), and at the time of recording the weekly Ten12 Podcast picks episode (Wednesday night).


Betting Lines: OU -38.5 | O/U 66.5
My Pick: OU -38.5

If you think that Caleb Williams doesn’t deserve Heisman consideration because he sat on the bench for six week, you’re part of the problem. All too often, we see that ESPN has their mind made up on who should win the Heisman by week three.

If there was ever a year to consider Williams, it’s this year. There isn’t a real frontrunner right now. Rattler was supposed to be that frontrunner. My argument is this, if OU is undefeated and in the playoff, no one will have been more important to their team than Williams. The Sooners finally look like what we expected them to look like under Rattler. And it’s important for Williams to get that recognition now. Because if we don’t talk about it now, if we don’t start putting it out there and get it in people’s minds, there is no way he would receive serious consideration come December; should he have the resume.

That aside, this week should be all about Kennedy Brooks. The Jayhawks allowed 224 yards on the ground last week against Texas Tech, and are 128th in rush defense.

Last week, I gave Kansas too much credit and went with the over. This week, I have to go with the Sooners as Kansas has yet to cover a spread as Jason Bean has been turnover prone lately.


Betting Lines: EVEN | O/U 60
My Pick: TTU

This is one of the tougher games to pick this week. Every time I count Texas Tech out, they go and get another win. Kansas State…I don’t know what is going on with Kansas State. Where did their rush offense go?

The Wildcats have to get their ground game going this week against a defense that has allowed over 300 yards rushing twice this season and ranks 85th at stopping the run.

Meanwhile, Colombi was average last week in the Red Raiders big win over Kansas. He will have to step it up this week against a defense forcing teams to beat them through the air.

This is a heads up game, I’m going to go with the home team.


Betting Lines: ISU -7 | O/U 47
My Pick: OKST +7

I still don’t know what to make of this Oklahoma State team. Last week was a master class in game management. Is that because the Cowboys are that good, or because Coach Sark can’t manage his way out of a paper bag in the fourth quarter of a game?

Iowa State, on the other hand, were expecting to be the team coming into this matchup undefeated. This hasn’t been the season they expected, but they bounced back with a good win over K-State last week.

I’m going to take the Cowboys and the touchdown here, but who isn’t excited to see Jaylen Warren and Breece Hall go at these two defenses?


Betting Lines: TCU -4.5 | O/U 57
My Pick: TCU -4.5

West Virginia has lost their last three. TCU has lost three of their last four games. The good news is that someone has to win here. I like that to be TCU at home.

The Horned Frogs will have to tighten up a defense that has been surprisingly porous, but they are going against a quarterback that is prone to making mistakes when under pressure. The offense has been banged up as well, and if they can get Zach Evans back, that will be a boost.

For The Mountaineers, they look like a shell of the team that beat Virginia Tech. Hopefully they can get it turned around coming off the idle week, but give me TCU at home in this one.


Betting Lines: UAB -24 | O/U 44.5
My Pick: UAB -23

After losing this pick last week, I was ready to go back to my faithful Coastal Carolina this week. Except for they played Wednesday night (which didn’t go well for them) and thus, were unavailable for our picks.

I’m forced to change things up this week, so I’m going with UAB to get it done over a bad, bad Rice team.


Betting Lines: FAU -7
My Pick: CHAR

As I have said many times before, I like to find underdogs at home. Especially, if I can find an edge in performance against the spread or in efficiency stats. Charlotte met that criteria. However, things did not go well for me on Thursday night, and this week is already off to a 0-1 start.