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2017 Season PreviewMore 2017 Season Preview

The LGG Preseason Big 12 Poll

Less. Than. Three. Weeks. Until. Football!!!!

2017 Big 12 Position Group Preview, By The Numbers: TE

In the latest of our numbers driven series, we look at who will contribute...

2017 Big 12 Position Group Preview, By The Numbers: QB

Previewing the most important position in the Big 12 by looking at key data...

2017 Big 12 Position Group Preview, By The Numbers: WR

Previewing the 2017 Big 12 receiving groups by looking at key data points.

Recruiting NewsMore Recruiting News

3-Star Safety Delarrin Turner-Yell Decommits From Baylor

Baylor's loss may be Oklahoma's gain, "Sooner" rather than later.

4-Star Offensive Tackle Darrell Simpson Commits To Oklahoma

Oklahoma's offensive line class might be the biggest in the nation.

4-Star Running Back Craig Williams Commits To Baylor

Baylor's rushing attack could be incredible in a few years.

4-Star Tight End Malcom Epps Commits To Texas

Texas now has the second best class in the country.

Big 12 vs The WorldMore Big 12 vs The World

Is the 13th Data Point Friday the 13th for the Big 12?

The championship game will return to the Big 12 in 2017, but is that...

And The Most Disliked School In The Big 12 Is…

Thanks to Reddit user nbingham196, we get a little bit of insight to how...

Bob Bowlsby Announces League Distribution Of $34.8 Million

The Big 12 has 99 problems, but money ain't one.

Big 12 Member Distribution Smashes ACC & Pac-12 Payouts

Previous fiscal year numbers are in, and how the Big 12 stacks up to...


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2017 Big 12 Standings

Baylor 0-0 0-0
Iowa St 0-0 0-0
Kansas 0-0 0-0
K-State 0-0 0-0
Oklahoma 0-0 0-0
Oklahoma St 0-0 0-0
TCU 0-0 0-0
Texas 0-0 0-0
Texas Tech 0-0 0-0
WVU 0-0 0-0